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Harvesting happiness

Maybe you already had the chance to try our hand-crafted single origin chocolate products if not you are in for a treat. Our partner farm located in the lush Mekong delta has been farming cocoa trees for more than two generations, passing wisdom and passion from generation to generation.
Our journey began with a simple vision of creating high-quality chocolate using only the best ingredients and traditional methods. We are proud to say that our chocolate is made with single origin cocoa beans sourced directly from our partner farm, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful taste in every bite.
The beans are grown in the perfect climate of the Mekong Delta resulting in a distinct and rich flavor that sets our chocolate apart. We believe that by sourcing our beans from a single origin, we are able to preserve the unique taste and characteristics of each cocoa bean, creating a truly exceptional chocolate experience.
Our commitment to quality extends beyond just the sourcing of our beans. The same traditional methods of processing that have been used for generations, ensuring that each batch of chocolate maintains its consistent and delicious taste.
We are dedicated to supporting our local farmers and preserving the traditional methods of cocoa farming. By choosing our chocolate, you are not only indulging in a delicious treat, but you are also supporting sustainable and ethical practices.
We understand that every season brings slight variations in taste, but we guarantee that you will always enjoy the same rich and indulgent flavors with every purchase. Our single origin chocolate is a true reflection of our partner farm’s dedication to their craft and our commitment to providing our customers with the finest and most authentic chocolate experience.
From our family to yours, we invite you to experience the rich and unique flavors of our single origin chocolate. Taste the difference that comes from sourcing locally and preserving traditional methods. Join us on our mission to bring the best quality chocolate from our farm to your table.
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