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Offer – up to 50% of selected Dr. Frei, Vivil and Swiss Energy products – stock up on your vitamins and minerals and enjoy our mints and lozenges!

RawBite 15% Off!

Enjoy our organic fruit and nut bar made out of dried fruit and nuts for on the go, as a snack in between, or before and after sports with the best offer!

Organic Soda!

No added sugar! Instead fruit is used as a sweetener. This results in less sweet soda which allows the taste of the ingredients to really power through.

Back in Season!

Strawberry is a sweet fruit low in sugar and calories but high in fiber, vitamin C & other antioxidants. They are back in season after a long time. Enjoy!

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visit the My Natural Beauty website

Conscious Beauty

Choose Natural, Choose Local

A Better
Way to Live

Our products are guaranteed free from agriculture chemicals, drugs and many other non-natural additives. We call it “clean and safe to consume.”

Fresh &

Our fresh produce is harvested,
packed and delivered in one seamless
process. We call it “Farm fresh at your doorstep.”

Ethical &

Our all-natural products are made in ethical and sustainable ways. The purest and finest that mother nature can offer.


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