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Our all-natural products are guaranteed clean and safe.
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Roasted Cacao Nibs

Our all-natural roasted cacao nibs are sourced from a family run cocoa farm in the Mekong. You find the purest form of chocolate with an abundance of fibers, antiocidants and iron.

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Wild Raw Honey

In a forest far far away we sourced this all-natural honey from wild hives. It is untreated keeping all of its natural nutrition – enjoy!

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Chocolate Bars ByNature

Enjoy our handmade single origin chcolate bars, sourced locally from some of the finest cocoa trees in a family run and owned cocoa orchard.


Wild Carrot Soap

Made with ByNature’s all-natural carrots, this bar is packed with Vitamin A which helps to kill bacteria and rejuvenate skin. *Vegan.

A Better
Way to Live

Our products are guaranteed free from agriculture chemicals, drugs and many other non-natural additives. We call it “clean and safe to consume.”

Fresh &

Our fresh produce is harvested,
packed and delivered in one seamless
process. We call it
“Farm fresh at your doorstep.”

Ethical &

Our all-natural products are made in ethical and sustainable ways. The purest and finest that mother nature can offer.


Just cooked dinner with the tasty bacon as well as the fresh vegetables from ByNature. Delicious! This is a great company with great products - vegetables, eggs and meat. So easy to get it all from the same place and so nice to know it is safe and clean products. Communication and delivery professionally handled. Overall, 5 stars and I will continue to order the main part of food from there. Thank you ByNature - you made cooking here better.

Dorte Frandsen

I’ve been with ByNature since the beginning and was among the first customers to start receiving The Box. Finding truly organic produce is quite difficult here and that was what first attracted me to ByNature. The process they go through to verify and certify their farms is impeccable and I trust their business model completely. What has kept me coming back is the consistency of items, quality of the produce, and ease of delivery. In each Box, I can count on receiving some staples, like cucumbers, capsicum, onions, and root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, and carrots. My family eats a lot of greens, and I have been quite happy with the quality and assortment of fresh lettuce each week. There is a noticeable difference in the flavor of ByNature items compared to store bought, especially with the tomatoes and carrots, which are gobbled up almost as soon as we open The Box. In addition to the staples, there are always a few nice surprises each week, such as fresh herbs, limes, or a kind of squash. There is also usually an item which I do not routinely cook with and which requires me to get creative and learn more about such as kohlrabi or morning glory. I would highly recommend ByNature to anyone who is looking for quality organic produce.

Robin Shepard

So grateful to have found this incredible business ByNature. Receiving “The Box” every week, packed with fresh, delicious, in season produce is a delight. Knowing that it’s chemical free and safe to eat gives us such peace of mind. We really appreciate how willing they are to tailor make our boxes for us, accommodating our Ketogenic, low carb lifestyle. You guys are amazing- Thank you

Sandy & Richard

For four months I have been having The Box ByNature every week, I could not be happier with the quality and service. I love the concept of the box and the surprise element that it brings. It really expands the variety of vegetables that I would normally eat and induces me to try out new recipes. Christian, Signe and Vy are immensely accommodating with all of my requests and orders. They also give good advice on what to do with different types of veggie.

Trang Nguyen

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