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Are your products organic?

Sometimes we are and sometimes we are not. Our organic products will say they are organic because they are truly certified. The products that are not certified organic are made by the same procedures. We do NOT tolerate any kind of chemical, drug or other nasties in our products and yes we do test and do so often (link to How do you test).

Where do you source your products?

Greens and Fruits –

Meat –

Pantry –

What is The Box?

A box of farm fresh vegetables and fruits, the content changes every week based on the season and availability. You will receive approximately 5 kg of clean and safe to eat produce to your doorstep (or you can collect).

What is half The Box?

Half the content and half the price of The Box

How can I trust you?

ByNature is not only a business to us, it is our passion and lifestyle. We lived with young children in Asia and have a general concern for food safety. We want to share our safe to eat finds with our customers.

Why are your products more expensive?

It is very simple, it is more expensive to produce food without the use of pesticide, growth hormones, antibiotics and other nasties which are commonly found here. We try and source locally to keep cost down, but some items are not available here. This means we have to add transportation cost (freezer/cold storage), import and other fees.

How do I order?

You are already on our website so just click into our shop and endulge in the sea of guaranteed products.

Do you deliver and when?

Yes we deliver all over Ho Chi Minh City directly to your doorstep. You are also welcome to collect. Fresh produce arrives at ByNature on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we may have some produce which can be ordered same day, but to be certain place your order 2 days in advance and we will most likely be able to fulfill your order (depending on harvest ready produce).
Pantry and Protein items are available to be delivered daily.

How do you package your products?

We do not use plastic, but pack all produce in The Box (a cardboard box which we would love to reuse so please return). We are working closely with our suppliers to minimize their use of plastic. Our produce does not come individually wrapped and we pack in paper and paper bags. They are great to keep using for storage in your fridge.

Why cannot I not always get my full order?

We are not a grocery store, we source from smaller farms and coops, this way your produce arrives fresh that same morning and is not kept if not sold. (We share or have a sale or eat a lot of veggies ourselves). Sometimes some products are not in season, not ready to be harvested or perhaps it was damaged by weather or too ripe. There are many reasons. We, do however always let you know as soon as we know.