14C12 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ByNature Company Information

We, Signe and Christian Kühl, founded ByNature in 2018. Driven by our passion for good quality food and concerns about food safety in Vietnam, we have embarked on a family business adventure together.

We are not farmers and we don’t grow our produce or farm livestock. We chose to partner with a small number of family farms that are fully committed and compliant with our standards and values. We consider them our extended family. They are the real experts that know how to grow all-natural cabbage and how to produce the most wonderful free-range eggs.

ByNature is a demanding and discerning consumer on your behalf! We know how difficult it is to go shopping. Where can you find what you need? What is good for you and what is not good? Who can you trust? At ByNature you can shop online and be sure that all products are guaranteed clean and safe to eat.

Meet The Founders

Christian Kuhl
Christian has had a long career as a Senior Executive with experience in a wide array of industries, geographies and functions with 25+ years of leading, expanding and optimizing businesses in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Upon realizing the magnitude of the food quality issues in Vietnam, Christian was prompted to found ByNature to provide a platform for consumers to secure healthy and safe food from “farm to fork.”


Signe Kuhl
A lawyer by education, Signe shares Christian’s concern for safe food. Having lived and worked in Asia for more than 15 years it has become apparent that food concerns are on the rise. Being a mother of two boys Signe is passionate about sourcing vegetables and meat free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides. Through ByNature, she can now share solutions which benefit not just her own family, but also consumers and businesses around Ho Chi Minh City.