Perilla & Sweet Orange Hair Soap 95g


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Perilla & sweet orange hair soap
  • Cold process saponification
  • Handmade in Nha Trang
  • 100% natural product
  • 100% Vietnamese product
  • Vegan
  • Natural glycerin
  • Superfatting 8%
  • Suitable for dry hair


Basic composition: cacao butter, coconut oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, sesame oil.

The carrier oils and butters have been selected to create a well-balanced soap: long-lasting with a creamy lather that is cleansing, softening and particularly suitable for hair.

The glycerin is naturally obtained through the process of saponification.

Other Ingredients and their benefits:

  • Sesame: nourishing.
  • Perilla: strengthens the hair, leaves it less brittle, softer and shiny.
  • Oats: hydrating, fortifying and detangling.
  • Sweet Orange: tonic for the scalp, leaves the hair shiny and supple.
  • Ylang-ylang: slows down hair loss.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Cacao butter, Coconut oil, Rice Bran oil, Castor oil (Ricin oil), Sodium Hydroxide, Sesame oil, Sweet Orange EO, Ylang Ylang EO, Perilla Leaf powder, Oats powder.

INCI: Aqua, Theobroma cacao seed butter, Cocos nucifera oil, Oryza sativa bran oil, Ricinus communis seed oil, Sodium hydroxide, Sesamum indicum seed oil, Citrus sinensis peel oil, Cananga odorata flower oil, Perilla frutescens leaf powder, Avana sativa.

Instructions of use:

  • Lather the soap on wet hair. Massage hair and scalp. Rinse well with warm water. Spray a vinegar rinse solution* on the hair. Massage hair and scalp. Rinse with cold water.
  • Vinegar rinse: in a spray bottle, prepare a formula of 80% water and 20% vinegar (apple cider, lemon or coconut blossom, etc.)

Why use a vinegar rinse?

  • Vinegar is an efficient natural conditioner: it closes the hair cuticules, detangles the hair and adds shine. Using cold water to rinse off the vinegar solution further helps to close the hair cuticules.
  • The cleansing properties of natural soap make it caustic for the hair and the scalp, which unlike the skin, does not regulate it’s own pH. Vinegar being acidic, will help rebalance the pH of the hair and scalp. It is therefore essential to do a vinegar rinse right after using the soap to regulate the secretion of sebum and keep the hair supple.

Notes on using natural soap for hair:

Conventional shampoos contain silicones which have the role of sheathing the hair, and gradually accumulates on the hair fibres.

When using a natural soap, the hair will gradually loosen the silicone, which can give a “heavy” effect to the hair after the first washes. This inconvenience will quickly give way to voluminous and naturally shiny hair.

  • To preserve the soap, let it dry after each use.
  • In case of contact with eye, rinse immediately with water.
  • This soap contains essential oils (maximum 3%). Allergens contained in essential oils may not be suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women and young children.

Do not eat. Keep out of reach of children.


  • 80mmx45mmx30mm
  • 95 gr
  • Biodegradable
  • Cardboard packaging

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