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Natural scented candle – Summer
  • Handmade in Saigon and poured in an up-cycled coconut shell, our coconut candles are eco-friendly, non toxic, made with natural wax and essential oils. You can enjoy their yummy scent safely and guilt-free!
  • Summer is a mix of Lemon and Lemongrass. It will bring a Tonic, Fresh and Citrus atmosphere, perfect for eliminating mental fatigue, motivating the mood and creating positive emotion. And what’s more, Summer contains lemongrass which is known for keeping mosquitoes away!
  • Our candles can be used in any space, inside or outside. Please use caution – see below.
  • Ingredients: 100% natural wax from palm wax, soy wax and pure beeswax, essential oils: Lemon and Lemongrass.
  • No paraffin, no artificial fragrance. Capacity: 250g
  • How to use: The first time you light the candle, and in order to ensure an even burn, light the wick across the candle as opposed to at only one end. Let the candle burn until the wax melts out to the edges of the container. You may have to let it burn anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Even if the flame appears to burn low at times, it will continue to burn. After the melted wax has reached the edges, you can blow out your candle and let it cool.
  • Better let burn maximum 3 hours per session. Total burning time of the candle should be more than 50 hours.
  • Caution: Always burn your candle within sight and never leave your candle unattended. Be sure to place it a heat resistant surface. Keep away from pets, children, and flammable items.
  • A metal stopper has been placed at the base of each wick to prevent it from burning past a certain point and results in a mandatory (and safe) amount of wax being left over at the bottom of the shell. Once the metal stopper has exposed itself through the wax, this indicates your candle has reached its safe end. Please DO NOT try to burn the wick past this point.

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