Natural Scented Candle (Citronella) 250g


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Natural scented candle – Citronella
  • Our natural scented candle are handmade in Saigon. We are inspired by nature and by traditional Vietnamese medicine.

  • We have made this candle to bring a good scent to your room, and serenity.
  • Ingredients: 100% natural vegetable wax, essential oil.
  • How to use: let burn max 3 hours per session. Do not let a candle burning in a room withoutsomeone’s attention.
  • Burning time: more than 57 hours
  • Weight: 250 grs
  •  100% Citronella essential oil.
  • Ambience: Fresh, green, vitality, insect repellent, revitalize mind and body, preventinsomnia.
  • Our natural scented candle are 100% sustainable. 99% biodegradable: coconut shell, wooden wick, vegetable wax, essential oil. Only the tip which hold the wick is in aluminium which is recyclable.
  • This candle will bring to your room a good atmosphere.

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