Aromatherapy Roll-on (Relax) 10ml


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Aromatherapy roll-on – Relax

The Coconam aromatherapy roller – Relax has been thoroughly studied for the impact of scent on the human psyche. Scent has been shown to have an extremely effective effect on the nervous system. Coconam therapeutic oil roll – Relax is a combination of natural essential oils with scents that help the brain and nervous system work better. The combination of essential oils of Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Jasmine, Ginger, Peppermint… Has a mild, ethereal aroma that diffuses widely to the human nervous system to help reduce stress quickly, improve stress, and cure pain. the first half, helping the mood to be peaceful and comfortable.

In humans, Qi and Blood are extremely important. When we meditate, we make the qi part healthy or weak, which is closely related to mental activity. Sudden or long-term mental stimulation can cause disturbances in visceral activity, to avoid this situation, you should practice meditation in combination with the use of coconam – Relaxation for relaxation. specifically for helping to improve and balance the nervous system. Jasmine has a balancing effect on the nervous system and relieves depression, anxiety and stress. Peppermint is of course an amazing oil all over the world and is used for different applications in life. The Coconam – Relaxing Essential Oil Roller not only smells great, but will actually help your spirit become more balanced and harmonious.

Benefits: Using different scents over a period of time is a simple way to increase brain productivity, energize your body and help you focus, relieve pain or help you sleep better. Most experts believe that our sense of smell is the most powerful and influential consciousness for our bodies.
Did you know that humans are capable of identifying aromas 10,000 times more accurately than taste buds?
When you smell something, millions of receptor cells will signal to enlighten a cluster of pea-sized cells in your brain. From there, the aroma is arranged and your border system begins to act reflexively, which is where basic human behaviors (such as reflexes, actions, learning or emotions) are controlled. The result is a combination of action and scent. Now you know why even when you just inhale a fragrance of flowers it can alter your blood pressure, stimulate digestion or recall memories in our lives.

About Coconam roll-on: Coconam roll on therapy is made with a unique formula to improve your quality of life, helping with common health problems such as headache, lack of sleep, abdominal discomfort, hormonal imbalance, fatigue and even body smell. Using Coconam roll-on aromatherapy’s beneficial scents help protect your health for whatever you might be going through. Coconam roll-on therapy consists of four different recipe’s all made using pure essential oils: Relaxation (RELAX), repel insects and soothe bites (INSECT REPELLENT), relieve pain (PAIN RELEIF) and deodorant (DEO). With a compact, ergonomic design, Coconam roll on therapy is like a mini spa so users can bring relaxation anytime, anywhere.

How to use: Apply Coconam essential oil roll on to the neck, back of the neck, temples or places that are sore and the pulse area like the chest and wrist. In addition, you can put the essential oil inside the coconam roller bottle into warm water for stress relief or deodorant foot and facial soak.
Note : For external use only avoid contact with eyes Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. May cause skin irritation. Do not use on open wounds. If you are pregnant or nursing, sick or taking medication, consult your doctor before use. Not for the face.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Shelf life: Best if used within 12 months of opening the lid.

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