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We’re a crew of tech enthusiasts, Apple fanboys and fangirls, animal lovers, foodies and above all else we believe in exceptional customer service.

Most importantly, we’re committed to helping people out with their technology. iKnow provides professional services for all things Apple, Windows, Android: we do everything you ever wanted to do with your tech, may it be a repair, replacement, troubleshooting or just to lend an ear for complaints about why all Apple products are so unreasonably expensive! We also provide tutorials and one-on-one sessions so you can learn how to use your devices efficiently instead of wanting to throw them out the window.

At the shop, we also sell Macs, iPhones, custom PCs and second-hand computers and smart phones. We carry a variety of useful tech accessories and products to go along with all your shiny tech devices, from bluetooth speakers and headphones to screen protectors and cases.

Come visit us for any of your techy needs. Or even just to get a cup of good espresso in our Ed Room.

Find us online at, or message us on Facebook: We’re here to help.


As a ByNature customer recieve these benefits at iKnow (bring a ByNature receipt)

10% discount on the listed in-house tech services:

  • Tech troubleshooting for Macs, Windows PCs, iOS & Android mobile;
  • Software/configuration/OS/network, One-on-One sessions, Software installation, Reinstall OS/data backup assist/data migration, Home network assessments, Internal cleaning for all laptop and desktop computers.

10% discount on service for certain hardware repairs (listed below) for mobile devices:

  • Battery replacements for all iPhone models;
  • Glass digitizer replacements for all iPhone models, Full display assembly replacement for iPhone models (excluding iPhone 8 Plus, X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max).

10% discount on all iPhone screen protectors (various brands).

10% discount on all JCPal MacBook (various models) protective hardcases

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SAITEX Farms is part of the circular economy model that SAITEX is shifting towards. To us, a circular mindset does not only mean thinking of all the steps within the supply chain but also taking into consideration all the aspects that our organization is indirectly related to.
The main goal of SAITEX Farms is to bring better food to our employees and kids in the orphanages. More importantly, we use it as a tool to communicate the importance of naturally and organically grown food. Our hydroponic containers allow greens and herbs to be grown in a controlled environment with no pesticides needed. With the help of innovative technology, we can guarantee clean and safe products in every single delivery.


Grapevyne is a one-stop website with trustworthy and up to date information on where to go, where to buy and what to do in Saigon, with or without children. The goal of its founders is to share their insights with anyone who is passionate about Saigon and wants to stay tuned in about all the great things this city has to offer.



ByNature is proud to work with DAT BUTTER, a social enterprise helping farmers improve their income by education on how to grow all-natural peanuts and cashews. They also learn sustainable production of nut butter, thereby creating their signature products. DAT BUTTER only uses top quality local ingredients that ensures the consistent smooth, creamy and healthy taste. Each jar is filled with nothing but natural ingredients.

Join the DAT BUTTER farm experience by signing up here

Saigon Suds

Plagued by red spots and itchy skin, the Saigon Suds team started as nothing more than a personal effort to combat the exhaust fumes and pollution patches left on the skin after a normal day in the big city. Research aside, there were many botched attempts at soap in the first few months. Learning from the tiny kitchen of their apartment, colors were tested, scents perfected and recipes accumulated. What started as a hobby became a passion and, before long, soap filled the shelves of their tiny living room – the best-smelling living room in the city! Using only natural ingredients and often sourcing regionally-produced materials, the Saigon Suds teams has botched batch after batch of soap in order to bring to you the most tried and tested product possible. Saigon Suds continues to operate on a very small scale, interacting with their customers and using customer feedback for the development of new products. Dedicated to promoting the products of local businesses, as well as supporting the zero-waste movement, we challenge you to test naturally-made products against their over-the-counter chemical alternatives. Skin is the largest organ of the body and we strive to help you care for it in the most natural way possible.