Our Partners

Rada Vietnam

With Andy and Jackie calling Clare Valley (in South Australia) home, they are very passionate about Australian wines and since 2016, in building a business around the platform of being “Vietnam’s Australian Wine Specialist”.

La Boulangerie Francaise

A social enterprise to support vulnerable youth in job integration.

Disadvantage youth need a sustainable career to break poverty cycle and to become agencies of their own lives. Bánh mì is our expertise and a promising profession we offer them through a free, high-quality and well-rounded training program.

La Boulangerie Francaise operates as a social enterprise. We sell best products made by students during their practice sessions to cover their accommodation, food and training expenses.

Le Truffle

Le Truffle represents Australia’s leading truffle farm in Manjimup, Western Australia which produces 93.5% of Australia’s total production.  Over the last 20 years, we have grown to become the 2nd largest black winter Périgord truffle producer in the world with Spain at number 1 and France at number 3.


Lecka – on a mission to become the leading healthy & eco friendly nutrition brand in Asia

Vietnam Detox

Detox retreats in Vietnam.

If you are looking for active wellness offers in Vietnam, our carefully crafted Buchinger fasting and movement retreats will provide you with opportunities to gain inspiration and knowledge to embrace a healthy life style. Join our retreats in Hue, Central Vietnam, and enjoy the regenerating and rejuvenating effects of fasting in a safe and processional setting.

The Food Shop

The food shop was established in Vietnam by food industry professional working as a reliable importer and distributor of premium quality food products.

Food bring people together! There’s nothing better than having your whole family home around the same table for dinner or share a BBQ with some friends.

Aveda Herbal & Wellness

We see in nature an inherent power of healing which works unceasingly to create bodily health. Everything in nature tends to re-establish that perfect harmony to constitutes normal life. Similarly every force within an individual tends to preserve a perfect equilibrium and tries to re-establish order & harmony, if it has been disturbed.

​At Aveda Herbal Spa & Wellness, its our endeavor to help you achieve that perfect harmony based on Ayurveda and Natural Healing Therapies.


Hustle Vietnam is a Thao Dien based group fitness and personal training studio. Our program is designed to be inclusive of all fitness levels, while assuring you get a hardcore workout.

Yoga Pod

Founded in 2017, Yoga Pod is a purpose-built studio, designed with the spirit of yoga in mind. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking a stunning green garden, Yoga Pod really is a hidden treasure amidst the noise and chaos of Saigon. In a nurturing environment, they strive to bring yoga to everybody and every body, without judgment and no matter what your age or fitness level.


SAITEX Farms is part of the circular economy model that SAITEX is shifting towards. To us, a circular mindset does not only mean thinking of all the steps within the supply chain but also taking into consideration all the aspects that our organization is indirectly related to.

The main goal of SAITEX Farms is to bring better food to our employees and kids in the orphanages. More importantly, we use it as a tool to communicate the importance of naturally and organically grown food. Our hydroponic containers allow greens and herbs to be grown in a controlled environment with no pesticides needed. With the help of innovative technology, we can guarantee clean and safe products in every single delivery.

Sharon Artisan Bakery

Two people – one passion! Creating hand-made all-natural sourdough bread from flour, minteral water and salt. This is a process which can take up to 72 hours and you taste the difference.

They use 100% natural fermentation methods leaving the bread containing high amounts of dietary fibers and friendly bacteria giving you bread healthy probiotics qualities.

Bread is baked fresh each day and only sold on that same day. At the same time, Sharon Artisan Bakery is still very consious of food waste why only low quantities will be baked every day.

They use the best ingredients and raw materials available and ensure they  are environmentally friendly and fair trade and at the same time, they work with  local providers, to support local communities and local businesses.

Vegan friendly!


Grapevyne is a one-stop website with trustworthy and up to date information on where to go, where to buy and what to do in Saigon, with or without children. The goal of its founders is to share their insights with anyone who is passionate about Saigon and wants to stay tuned in about all the great things this city has to offer.

Mandala Wellness

Plotting a course through motherhood in Vietnam, a land just opening up in the early 2000s, Rosanne wanted to create a space in Vietnam for health and wellness to the community she saw in need of more information – Mandala Wellness was born.

Rosanne has been teaching and advocating for sustainable and healthy lifestyle practices with yoga, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition since arriving in Vietnam in 1996. She has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 20 years.


ByNature is proud to work with DAT BUTTER, a social enterprise helping farmers improve their income by education on how to grow all-natural peanuts and cashews. They also learn sustainable production of nut butter, thereby creating their signature products. DAT BUTTER only uses top quality local ingredients that ensures the consistent smooth, creamy and healthy taste. Each jar is filled with nothing but natural ingredients.