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Thuận Tự Nhiên

Cùng ByNature khám phá những sản phẩm tuyệt vời nhất mà Mẹ Thiên Nhiên ban tặng cho chúng ta - Thuận tự nhiên để khoẻ mạnh hơn!

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Đạo Đức & Bền Vững
Tận hưởng những sản phẩm xanh bền vững cùng dịch vụ giao hàng thân thiện với môi trường của ByNature và cùng nhau tạo nên những thay đổi tích cực cho hành tinh của chúng ta!
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Tươi Mới & Tiện Lợi
Việc đặt hàng và mua sắm trở nên dễ dàng và thuận tiện hơn với dịch vụ giao hàng tận nơi của ByNature.


Thuận theo tự nhiên

Món quà từ thiên nhiên - Thuận tự nhiên cho một lối sống tốt hơn.

Locally sourced
Nguồn cung địa phương

Hỗ trợ người nông dân và các doanh nghiệp bằng việc ưu tiên ủng những sản phẩm sản xuất tại địa phương.

Our partners
Đối tác tâm huyết

Hỗ trợ người nông dân và các doanh nghiệp bằng việc ưu tiên ủng những sản phẩm sản xuất tại địa phương.

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Fresh from farm
Tươi ngon từ vườn

Rau củ quả "fresh from farm" - Tươi ngon từ vườn.

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Thân thiện môi trường

ByNature ưu tiên sử dụng các sản phẩm đóng gói thân thiện với môi trường và có thể tái chế được - Cho một lối sống xanh bền vững.

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Đa dạng sản phẩm

ByNature với đa dạng các sản phẩm cho bạn thoải mái lựa chọn và thưởng thức - Những món quà tuyệt vời nhất từ thiên nhiên.

Nhận Xét Của Khách Hàng

I am a great fan and regular customer of ByNature. I would like that thank to them, I am sure my family is eating fruit and vegetables that are in season, from Vietnam, and most importantly 'clean' (sourced and tested so that there are no pesticides or any other -ides). Very easy too, as my shopping is delivered to my home. They also offer a choice of 'clean' home products. And some delicious local chocolate. Thank you ByNature team!
Alexandra R
I am a customer of the very first hours of ByNature. I remember being so excited to discover vegetable and fruit that was 'plastic free'. Over the years our family must have avoided kilos of plastic wrapping by shopping from Signe and her Team.
Every meal I watch our son devour safe and clean vegetable, which is such a joy. ByNature has certainly contributed immensely to the quality of our life here in Saigon!
Irene Ohler
I don't even recall when I started to buy from ByNature, it's like they have always been there. I like the wide choice of fruits and vegetables, as well as additional products such as fresh aromatic herbs, farm eggs and dairy. It's never boring and it gives me much creativity in recipes. The moment I fell in awe was with the ByNature tomatoes, the taste is so outstanding compared to any available on the market that there was no going back. The other fruits and vegetables are as tasty as can be. I love the great service and people behind this amazing project and I thank them very much for contributing to preserving the Nature and preserving our health alike. THANK YOU!
Marily Phoutar
We order from ByNature weekly ever since we moved to HCMC. As a mother of two young children I was happy to find a provider of clean and safe produce. As soon as we tasted the vegetables we were all hooked and haven't found a better quality anywhere. The delivery is on time and the service is very friendly. A big bonus is also the minimum waste packaging. I highly recommend to try it out!
Evelyn Zapryanov
After moving from China and Korea to HCMC, our family was searching for tasty, fresh and possibly organic food. As Signe used to live in China she is aware of the challenges in terms of pesticides.
Beside the taste I highly appreciate the fact that the delivery of ByNature comes with a very little amount of packaging. Having the opportunity to order many different kind of foods is a huge advantage. We appreciated Signes energy in finding new products and being able to also order milk products makes a difference.
Julia Andermann
I am delighted with my experience with ByNature's organic fruit. Every week, I receive a carefully curated box of fresh and delicious organic fruits. The element of surprise is what makes this service stand out. I'm always excited to discover the assortment of fruits that await me each time.
The quality of the fruit is consistently exceptional. The flavors are rich and vibrant, showcasing the natural goodness of each fruit. It's evident that ByNature and the farmers takes great care in selecting the finest organic produce.
Lieke van der Sanden
Ever since arriving in Ho Chi Minh City we have been proud customers of ByNature. The products we receive on a weekly basis are super fresh and packaged without disposable plastic wrappings and waste. Furthermore the service provided is personal, friendly and punctual. As a matter of fact, the bread we receive on Saturdays is usually still warm from the oven! The care with which ByNature assesses and selects its suppliers is indicative of the passion ByNature has for fresh products of a high quality. Signe and her team continue to surprise me and my family with new products and are always willing to adjust the weekly box to our varying demands. I can confidently say I would recommend ByNature to a friend and definitely would not be able to go without it!
Josine Opstelten - Koch
It's been now over a year that I am used to receiving my fresh ByNature boxes, twice per week at my doorstep! Since I become more and more focused on my well being and healthy food, ByNature is the perfect partner to help me follow my new wellness routine. The personalisation of the products (I don't like beetroot!) prevents any waste and the kindness of Signe is very pleasant as well. Let's try it and I am convinced you will appreciate the comfort of the delivery and the fresh and various products!
Laurence Durant
As a new resident of HCMC, I was looking for a trusted food supplier for my family and very young children. ByNature was recommended to me and is serving this role perfectly, always having the best season products delivered to us on our doorstep with a smile. The added flexibility and friendliness of the team is an extra bonus!
Jeremy Lefevre
When I relocated to Ho Chi Minh City in 2018, I was looking for pesticide-free veggies & fruit suppliers. After struggling for a few months I found my soil-mate! Now 2 years later I have come to rely on their products and service. ByNature recognizes that food safety has become a real and critical issue, they source products that are free from agriculture chemicals and many other non-natural additives. I do taste the difference and feel confident that their products are “clean and safe to eat.” Great going ByNature - you deserve an apple-lause!
Mayuri Singh
Just cooked dinner with the tasty bacon as well as the fresh vegetables from ByNature. Delicious! This is a great company with great products - vegetables, eggs and meat. So easy to get it all from the same place and so nice to know it is safe and clean products. Communication and delivery professionally handled. Overall, 5 stars and I will continue to order the main part of food from there. Thank you ByNature - you made cooking here better.
Dorte Frandsen
For four months I have been having The Box ByNature every week, I could not be happier with the quality and service. I love the concept of the box and the surprise element that it brings. It really expands the variety of vegetables that I would normally eat and induces me to try out new recipes. Christian, Signe and Vy are immensely accommodating with all of my requests and orders. They also give good advice on what to do with different types of veggie.
Trang Nguyen

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