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Baby Meal Box 5


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Box 5 - Squash - broccoli - potato

App 4 portions or 500ml

  • 1 squash (300g)
  • 3-400g broccoli
  • 100g potato
  • 3 tspoon butter or extra virgin olive oil - optional
  • 50 ml of breast milk or formula (mixed with water) - optional

1. Peel the potatoes and squash, cut into cubes. Rinse the broccoli and cut, the stem is very useful as well

2. Boil the squash and potatoes till tender (app 20-25 min), for the last 8 min add the broccoli.

3. Blend till you reach your desired consistency

4. Mix with butter/extra virgin olive oil and breast milk/formula - optional

If you decide to freeze a portion, do so before adding the butter/extra virgin olive oil and breast milk/formula. Freeze in desired portion size. Do not re-freeze formula/breast milk.

The baby meal boxes have been created in collaboration with a chef and nutritionist. All products are farm fresh and free from pesticides. All recipes are baby/toddler and parent approved.