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Swiss Herbal Lozenges – Healing Sage


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Swiss Herbal Lozenges - Healing Sage: Traditional Remedy for an Itchy Throat

For generations, the SWISS ENERGY sage herbal lozenge has been a proven home remedy against coughs. With its antiseptic and expectorant properties, sage has been used to naturally sooth irritated throats since the beginning of time.

Discover the nurturing effect of the SWISS ENERGY 20 herbs mix and rely on the trusted experience of generations. Sugar-free SWISS ENERGY sage herbal lozenges are a balm for irritated airways, bringing you the revitalizing strength and taste of the Swiss Alps.

Swiss Herbal Lozenges - Healing Sage:
  • With pure sage leafs
  • Soothing and natural desinfectant
  • Proven household remedy for irritable respiratory system
  • Taditional Swiss recipe with 20 herbs

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