Chocolate Handmade Soap 100g


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Chocolate handmade soap

Cacao (chocolate) soap is capable of regenerating new cells, anti-aging, enhancing elasticity, reduce dark spots.

Benefits: flavonoids in cacao are a great support for the skin. It works against UV rays, avoiding sunburn and preventing the risk of skin cancer. protect collagen fibers before the risk of fracture. It also controls the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation. Cocoa also helps to increase blood circulation. Daily bathing with cocoa soap helps reduce stress, bringing relaxation.

How to use:

  • Body: Wet the body, rub the soap on the skin, massage gently, clean again with clear water.
  • Face: Wet your face, apply soap on your hand to create foam, then wash your face with soap bubbles.
  • Hair: After shampooing, apply soap on your hands and smooth from the top to the root hair, rinse thoroughly with water.

Preservation: Dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, rodents.

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture and 6 months from removing the packaging.

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