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Paxton Quandong Farm 2020


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Paxton quandong farm 2020: 750ml bottle

Varietal: Shiraz

Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 14%

Origin: McLaren Vale, South Australia, Australia

Quandong Farm Shiraz is a single vineyard wine that aims to highlight the intensity and brightness of fruit grown using biodynamic techniques. Our farming practices are designed to produce wines of intensity, but also with layers of texture, flavour and interest for the consumer. We think this wine exhibits these characteristics and provides both concentration and flavour and a certain delicacy, rather than simple raw power.

Variety: Shiraz
100%: Organic | Biodynamic | Vegan
Region: McLaren Vale
Colour: Crisp crimson
Aroma: This is really an olfactory party, there’s so much going on. Bunchy characters like homemade boiled lollies, strawberry shortcakes and lilly pillies meld with smoky speck and brooding dark musk. After some air, touches of Turkish spices hint to the delicate integration of French oak.
Palate: The energy is enlivening as this wine graces the palate, long and undeviating on first taste, it fills out with a little time in the glass. Medium bodied, it feels like a juxtaposition of goats nibbling their way through brambly wild berries and mint and the tension of acrobatic tricks on a high wire. A delicate finish like sinking your toes into the smooth, fine sands of the Whitsundays.
Drink With: Perfect with duck dishes
Cellaring: This wine can be enjoyed young, however, careful cellaring for 5–20 years will be rewarded

Paxton quandong farm 2020: Chai 750ml

Varietal: Shiraz

Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 14%

Xuất xứ: McLaren Vale, Nam Australia, Australia

Quandong Farm Shiraz là một loại rượu nho làm nổi bật hương vị của trái cây được trồng bằng kỹ thuật sinh học. Các phương pháp canh tác của chúng tôi được thiết kế để sản xuất loại rượu vang đậm đà hương vị và quan tâm đến sức khỏe người tiêu dùng.