Organic Rawbite Cacao


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Organic RawBite Cacao

RAWBITE is an organic fruit and nut bar made out of dried fruit and nuts for on the go, as a snack in between, or before and after sports.

50g – organic, vegan, gluten free, no added sugar (contains naturally occuring sugars).

If you are a chocaholic, listen up: RAWBITE CACAO is your perfect companion when the urge for sweet chocolate takes you over. Soft dates, crunchy nuts and dark cacao make this bar irresistable.

Ingredients: Dried fruit 54% (dried dates*, raisins*), nuts 36% (cashews*, almonds*), cocoa mass* 6%, cocoa powder* 4%

*Organic certified

May contain occasional nut shells and fruit pit.

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