Natural Powder Deodorant For Men & Women 50g


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Gaia Guy’s Natural Powder Deodorant for men and women is a natural deodorant that actually works!
  • It is a unisex deodorant powder that offers a refreshing scent that isn’t over powering. It is made from all natural ingredients and comes with a bamboo spoon and a reusable glass jar for your plastic-free goals.
  • It uses potassium alum and a combination of essential oils and herbs to stop odor causing bacteria before they can cause you any embarrassment.
  • You can feel confident and also feel good that you are staying fresh and fragrant without any harsh chemicals.
  • Another bonus is that you won’t be contributing to plastic pollution either.
  • The herbs helps in reducing sweating and provide a subtle and pleasant scent that works for men and women.
  • This all natural deodorant powder works incredibly well at actually stopping odor causing bacteria. Just a tiny scoop in each shoe or just dip your fingertips in after a shower and apply a day’s worth of odor protection to your pits or other body parts.
  • 50g jar.

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