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Lemongrass handmade soap

Lemongrass contains high medicinal properties and is useful in many aspects of daily life. Lemongrass grows well in hot and humid climates like Vietnam. Therefore, for a long time, people have known how to use lemongass in treating diseases and taking care of beauty.

Benefits: Essential oils extracted from lemongrass are capable of eliminating and preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria on the skin, thereby eliminating odors, saving pleasant fragrance through the day. Lemongrass helps to tighten pores, balance oily skin, prevent excessive sweating. In the same way, citronella soap is used as a citronella oil for hair loss treatment. For people who suffer from colds, flu,…bathing with warm water and lemongrass soap is the best way to quickly recover. In addition, lemongrass has some essential oils such as Geranoil, borneol and citronellol, which repel some harmful insects. Lemongass soap is not only popular with men and women, but also suitable for the elderly and young children.

How to use:

  • Body: Wet the body, rub the soap on the skin, massage gently, clean again with water.
  • Face: Wet your face, apply soap on your hand to create foam, then wash your face with soap bubbles.
  • Hair: After shampooing, apply soap on your hands and smooth from the top to the root hair, rinse thoroughly with water.

Storage: Dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, rodents.

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture and 6 months from removing the packaging.

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