Furoshiki Gift Wrap, The Red Basset (Mini)


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Furoshiki gift wrap – The red basset (mini)
  • Stylish alternative to paper wrapping, the furoshiki gift wrap is the TREND of 2023. For those of us who have never considered anything but paper, this may come as a surprise, but using fabric is a great way to bring sustainability & style into your home. The Japanese have been using “furoshiki”, the art of wrapping with fabric, for centuries.
  • Cloth gift wrapping is not only stylish, it is a pragmatic & innovative way to reduce waste in your household and spread values that matters around you. It only involves simple folding and knots that are fairly easy to master.
  • The packaging becomes part of the present, and your friends and family will in turn, also use it as a gift to their loved ones.
  • Stylish, sustainable, zerowaste, handmade, 100% cotton

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