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Break Free Bliss Bomb PET NAT


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Pét–nat is an abbreviation for “pétillant naturel”—a French term that is understood as “naturally sparkling” in English.
Immerse yourself in the captivating story of our 2021 Break Free Bliss Bomb PET NAT. From the sun-kissed vineyard of Herne Hill in the enchanting Swan Valley, this wine carries the legacy of a vineyard planted way back in 1937. Nestled on a north-facing block, elevated at 400 meters, it embraces the land’s natural beauty and terroir.
ABV: 10.5%
Region: Swan Valley
Varietals: Chenin Blanc
Winery: Break Free- Break Free All Natural
pH: 3.32 TA: 6.52g/L ALC: 10.5% RS: 0.3g/L Vineyard: Herne Hill, Swan Valley, Western Australia Planted: 1937 Aspect: North facing block, elevation 400m   Tasting Notes: At only 10.5% ALC/VOL; this delightful, light and utterly smashable sparkling wine has aromatic ginger and lemongrass notes, bright and vibrant green straw colour and a fresh palate of apples, pears and citrus blossoms. Ideally served on a picnic blanket, some cheese, pate, fruits and some great friends. Better make it two bottles.