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Bồ Kết Shampoo Bar – 100g


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Bồ kết shampoo bar:

A classic Vietnamese ingredient, Bố Kết (a.k.a Geldista or Honey Locust), has been a popular herb for hair washing for over 2000 years due to its naturally high levels of bubble-making saponins. Featuring A-list ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Cocoa butter and raw Aloe Vera juice combined with a fresh, uplifting lemongrass scent and a beautiful design. Care for your hair and the planet with this beautiful, natural shampoo bar.

Bồ kết shampoo bar: Olive oil. Distilled water. Avocado oil. Lye. Cocoa butter. Castor oil. Coconut oil. Almond oil. Soybean oil. Cashew milk. Jojoba oil. Shea butter. Sodium lactate. Kaolin clay. Rose clay. Madder root. Himalayan salt. Charcoal. Pure essential oil blend.