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200 ml Organic cornflower floral water


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Organic cosmetic   200 ml spray bottle. Soothes and reduces puffiness
  • Cools and illuminates the glance
  • Fades the signs of tiredness
  • Can be used with compresses eyes closed

Known for its decongestant and soothing attributes, cornflower floral water is ideal for erasing traces of tiredness and providing relief to sensitive eyes.

This flower mist refreshes the eye contour area and gently brightens your eyes. Applied as a compress, cornflower floral water is the ideal way to relieve puffy eyelids.   Floral waters are a by-product of the distillation of cornflower flowers from which an essential oil has been extracted. During the distillation process, steam circulates through the flowers, then recondenses to form a floral water. This slow distillation ensures that the flower's natural active ingredients are optimally preserved.   The cornflowers used to produce our floral water have been carefully selected and harvested organically in France.   RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE:
  • Apply twice a day to clean skin.
  • Spray onto the entire face and neck area, leave to penetrate for 1 to 2 minutes, then wipe off using a cotton pad.
  • Cornflower floral water may also be used to complete your cleansing routine or as a compress to relieve tired eyelids.
  • It is also an ideal way to remove eye make-up if you have sensitive eyes.