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For me, this was the first time in Dalat, Christian (my husband) has always been the one to visit our partner farms in Dalat. I had heard about seeing greenhouses all over, covering the land. And I must say, no description could have prepared me for what I witnessed. Greenhouses stretched as far as the eye could see, creating a patchwork of agriculture that would surely be a sight to behold from an airplane.

We embarked on a 5-6 hour road trip to Central Highlands of Vietnam just to visit some of our partner farms. We also discovered new and exciting products for our ByNature shop, which we will be introducing in the upcoming weeks. It’s no surprise that Dalat has become a popular destination for farming, thanks to its cool and temperate climate that is ideal for a diverse range of crops.

The mountainous terrain of Dalat offers natural protection against strong winds and extreme weather conditions, making it an ideal location for greenhouses. These structures provide a controlled environment for plants to thrive, ensuring a consistent and quality harvest. 

Dalat’s unique topography and weather conditions also play a crucial role in farming. The city is situated at an altitude of over 1,500 meters, providing cool temperatures and plenty of rainfall for year-round farming. 


Not only do these greenhouses contribute to the local economy, but they also promote sustainable farming practices, reducing the use of pesticides and minimizing environmental impact.

However, it’s disheartening to know that only a small percentage of farming in Dalat is organic/all-natural/re-generative, with the majority relying on conventional methods that involve the use of pesticides. When we first moved to HCMC eight years ago, we were told that everything from Dalat was safe. But as we’ve come to learn, this is not entirely true.

But amidst this reality, meeting the hardworking farmers behind the production of vegetables for ByNature was a heartwarming and enlightening experience. Every time I meet these individuals, I am struck by their down-to-earth demeanor, big hearts, and dreams of a better farming world. They have come to understand that pesticides are not the way forward, not for the farmer, the soil, or the consumer. And their commitment to sustainable farming practices is inspiring other farmers in the area to follow suit. It’s a slow process, but we are thrilled to see more and more farmers adopting these practices.

One partner farm we visited is run by a husband and wife – they have a 9 month old as well. As if farming and a young child was not enough to keep you busy, they also have a home-stay right there in the middle of nature. They have always farmed this way, knowing that using pesticides is an issue, they want to make sure that their child, family and friends as well as anyone buying from them are getting produce they can trust will not make them sick. They love what they do which is such a motivation.



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