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It is no secret that we have been searching high and low for all-natural free range eggs. We are finally getting to the point where we can start selling a small amount of eggs. It has taken us quite a bit of time, but like with everything else, we wanted to get it right. Having a steady and reliable supply of all-natural and antibiotic free eggs meant starting from scratch and building everything up ourselves.

We have decided to invest in a couple of local farmers and help them build a 100% natural and free roaming egg farm. Just the way mother nature intended it to be. We are hatching eggs and breeding day-old chicks. This takes time, but we have more control. Slow and steady ultimately wins the race! 

Internally, we have a checklist with some mandatory checks. In this blog we will take you through that list and explain the what, why and how we do it. 

The eggs (and hens) must be 100% free of antibiotics, growth hormones and other nasty additives. The same goes for the feed which must be all natural and clean. The best way to ensure this is two fold; first we check the feed. Most animal feed in this part of the world is pre-made with some antibiotics added. Many farmers have also been found to use human antibiotics or even grey market antibiotics to keep live-stock free of diseases and to support growth.  

Our hens only eat what nature offers and do not get industrial chicken feed. They mostly eat grass, grains and lots of bugs. They will also be fed a bit of farm-grown corn and fruits that fall off the trees on the land they live on. The real treat is the black larvae; a superfood for hens packing a good amount of protein, fat, fiber and calcium. The farmers we work with know the importance of a healthy diet to keep their birds strong, healthy and happy.

The second part of our quality assurance is to test the eggs themselves. This is how we genuinely keep our promise and guarantee of all-natural foods. We conduct tests in a variety of labs as not all tests can be done in one lab. We always use independent labs and change between different providers. Our partners do not always know when we will test and certainly not where we test. 

Not only the diet but also the living environment plays a big role in the quality, taste and nutrition of the eggs. It is imperative that the eggs come from free-range hens. Hens that can run around freely, finding shade under the low bushes and drinking fresh water while constantly snacking on nature’s meals. And hens that have shelter and safety during the night or whenever they want it. These are truly happy chickens. 

Why is this so important to us and to you? Free range eggs simply pack a nutritional punch unlike many other foods. You will find some of the highest bioavailable protein, lots of omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zeaxanthin along with vitamins A, D and E. Some studies suggest that free-range eggs contain up to 6 times the amount of vitamin D compared to conventionally farmed eggs.  

You may find that the yolk in free-range eggs is darker. Carotenoids are what makes the yolk darker. Nature is full of carotenoids which are powerful antioxidants. Who does not like that!

We take the concept of free range very seriously. Our hens are allowed to roam into the wide open nature. The land they live on extends further than they would want to go. This of course leaves them vulnerable to predators; in particular snakes who also prey on the eggs. However, our hens are left in their coop at night for their protection. The hens benefit from the exercise (like us) and keep themselves busy foraging and scraping all day. They are at peace without hen coop fights. Simply put – our hens enjoy a great quality of life. 

All this makes us able to serve you some of the best tasting and most natural eggs that you will ever find. Enjoy!



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