A Better Way to Live

Our products are guaranteed free from agriculture chemicals, drugs and many other non-natural additives.  We call it “clean and safe to eat.”

ByNature delights you with high quality wholefoods. Vegetables, fruits, meat and pantry delicacies – all from uniquely selected partner farms.

Our all-natural products are completely safe to consume. Some products are certified organic and all products are made without any use of unnatural ingredients such as pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial additives and more.

We thoroughly vet and frequently visit our partner farms to ensure that ByNature standards of quality and safety are maintained. We test test all new fruits and vegetables and perform random testing on all produce in the line to ensure organic methods are being followed at all times. For our local pantry products, we visit the production sites to verify that they meet our standards as well.

We genuinely care for your health and happiness. No compromises are made!

Fresh & Convenient

Our fresh produce is harvested, packed and delivered in one seamless process. We call it “farm fresh at your doorstep.”

Order online from the comfort of your home and on any device. Then sit back and wait for our delivery staff to knock on your door.

The produce arrives at ByNature, is packed into our recyclable boxes and delivered the same day within your selected delivery window.

Try one of our weekly boxes and be surprised by the wide variety of wonderful produce. Discounts are offered if you select one of the subscription packages.

Pay with banktransfer or cash at delivery – it is totally up to you.

Ethical & Sustainable

Our all-natural products are made in ethical and sustainable ways. The purest and finest that mother nature can offer. 

We set the bar high and only work with partners that share our passion for your health and for protecting the environment and the people that work for them.

Crops are grown with natural and organic fertilizers, and they are farmed without pesticides or other agriculture chemicals.

Animals are cared for and raised in a natural environment and given a natural, balanced and sufficient diet. They don’t know what antibiotics and growth hormones are! Animals must be happy and able to express their natural behavior. They must be free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, disease, stress and fear.