All-natural For A Better You!


All-natural For A Better You!

Eating good quality food, enough quantity combined with sports, exercise, and keeping a good mind are all factors that contribute to an excellent healthy body. In our daily diet, vegetables and fruits are an indispensable part. Emphasis has to be on the quality, we do not benefit from eating produce full of chemicals. 

When you start thinking about a healthy diet with lots of green vegetables and fruits instead of fats and starches, maybe you immediately choose a bowl of vegetable salad. Have you ever wondered where these vegetables come from. Are they grown with chemicals? And are they safe for your body? Are you choosing a healthy diet, but accidentally letting harmful chemicals enter your body? When you choose organically grown produce so that you can enjoy the full taste of food without worry. Although they do not have the same eye-catching appearance and perfect weight as regular vegetables. All-natural produce has a very different. Yet delicious taste and you will find that they are more nutrient dense than conventionally farmed produce.


All-natural for a better you!

With industrialization and increased need for fresh produce, farming has intensified and unfortunately lots of farming has come to rely on extensive use of chemicals to achieve higher yields. Even approved fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in amounts that are likely to get stored in our bodies. 

A study from ”QualityLowInputFood” projects finds that produce farmed on or next to organic farming sites were reported to contain up to 40% more antioxidants and higher levels of minerals such as iron and zinc compared to their conventional counterparts. 

In general plants that are not being “supported” with pesticides need to develop a stronger defense to survive and produce their crop. In a study from 2014 (meta-analysis of 343 peer-reviewed studies) shows that the antioxidant polyphenolics is up 19-69% higher in organically grown produce. In everyday life numbers, this equates to 1-2 extra portions of antioxidants a day eating the same amount but switching from conventional to organic produce.

Some studies also show that organically grown produce may have lower levels of nitrate – actually as much 30% less than conventional farming. Nitrate is often found in produce via water or due to extensive farming. This is one of the reasons organic farming rotates crops and uses intercropping methods in growing fresh produce. This way less nitrate will contaminate the crops. 

By all-natural farming ByNature, absolutely no chemicals are used. Vegetables and fruits mainly grow thanks to the nutrients of the mother soil, or just use self-composted fertilizers from chicken manure, fish protein, etc. The soil will not be degraded, the water will not be polluted.



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