Seasonal Eating, A Better Way To Live

Seasonal Eating, A Better Way To Live

Eating seasonal food used to be the only way to eat, now it is trending again for good reasons. Produce grown and enjoyed in season tastes better, is healthier, may be cheaper, makes you use produce you might not otherwise consider – you may have to be creative in the kitchen when not having all products available at all times. 

The main reason being seasonal produce is just healthier than the same produce grown out of season. To grow out of season, the farmer would not be growing under the optimal conditions and would in many cases require help in the form of pesticides and other chemicals. The crop is not getting the much needed nutrition from the weather or the soil either. 

Fresh produce grown in season tends to sometimes overflow the market resulting in some great discounts. Not long ago we ran a promotion on bananas simply because the banana yield this year was very fruitful and the farmers needed to sell rather than to keep. 

Another reason to buy and cook in season is that it inspires creativity. Cooking with the seasonal products and you may not always be able to follow recipes to the dot. Personally I don’t mind. But then again recipes are an inspiration to me, I am not good at following them.


All-natural tomato in its season


Seasonal for ByNature is not always 100% true to the actual seasons. This needs a bit of explanation: there are times it might be season for a specific product, but as our partner farms are rotating crops all the time they may not grow e.g. spinach right at the start of the season because other crops need to grow instead of. 

Seasonal eating is not a new trend. But it was once a way of life. Eating seasonally and using natural fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy lifestyle, regenerating sustainability and supporting balance in the body.



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