Is All-natural & Organic Vegetables Worth The Money?

ByNature - Is All-natural And Organic Vegetables Worth The Money

Is All-natural & Organic Vegetables Worth The Money?

Is the expensive price the reason you choose not to buy all-natural and/or organic vegetables? If you compare organic/all-natural to market produce, you could probably get twice as much or more when shopping at the market. We really understand this. In the beginning when switching from an industrial lifestyle to using all-natural products, the feeling of “price shock” is inevitable.

For a moment, let’s pretend that there is no price difference and let’s take a look at some useful information below to see if all-natural produce is really worth the extra money or not!

Is all-natural and organic produce worth the money?

To answer this question, first of all, we need to know a little more about the process of farming organically. 

About the farming process

In general, compared with other agricultural products that are farmed with chemicals, growth stimulants and pesticides to grow as quickly as possible, all-natural produce needs time to develop properly.

For all-natural and organic vegetables, the cultivation does not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth stimulants. Instead, organic fertilizers and microbial fertilizers are used to increase the activity of good microorganisms in the soil. While all-natural produce is grown naturally with a little or no use of any fertilizers. Intercropping, multi-cropping and rotation to increase soil fertility. Limit tilling to weed or prune the trees. Plants grow, develop and absorb nutrients from mother nature. Supplementing nutrients with organic matter of plants and microorganisms within the soil. Produce gown like this develops according to the inherent laws of nature. It can be said that natural farming relies a lot on the soil. When the soil is healthy, the trees and plants will be healthy, and the healthy trees ensure the health of consumers.

All-natural eggplants, growing slowly and gently – All-natural farming methods

About the quality

The quality mentioned here is not about the appearance. What we want to mention is the characteristic flavor, sweet, sour, spicy, strong, of each type of produce, and the “clean and safe” quality of them.

Compared with other agricultural products, which have a great looking appearance, all-natural and organic vegetables has natural colors and odd shapes and sizes. As for all-natural produce, they are usually darker in color, stronger, but not shiny and beautiful, not big and the size is not uniform. However, thanks to being grown and developed in natural conditions, fully absorbing the essence from the motherland; natural produce has a very high nutritional content, crispy, fragrant and natural flavor.

All-natural celery

Thus, it can be said that, instead of having to use a large amount of conventional produce; you need less all-natural produce to have the equal needed nutrients. Try putting them on the scale, do you think they are worth the money? Moreover, the feeling of using high-quality products will be very different. Not only the taste, the other senses will also open. Enjoy the smell and taste, no need to go through too many steps of washing to “feel safe” when eating. Not to mention when eating the products that are contaminated with chemicals, the things you put into the body are not nutrients, but chemicals.

Paying the Farmer now or paying the Doctor later?

We all understand the dangers of chemicals and pesticides in the agricultural products we use every day. But it is sad that few people really care about food safety. Chemicals not only affect our health, they also seriously affect environmental health, soil health and water resources. No to forget the farmers who might not be using proper protection when spraying chemicals or spraying incorrect amounts of chemicals.

There are bad chemicals and worse chemicals. Not all countries are adhering to the same norms and standards when it comes to the use of pesticides. Some chemicals may be deemed OK to use in some. But not other countries. The allowed values of chemicals found in produce also differs from country to country. The easier choice for you and your body is too choose no chemicals. Read more here.

Instead of passively spending a large amount of money on using functional products to detoxify the body, or spending on medical examination and treatment, we can be more proactive in disease prevention through a safer and better source of food. Right? But it is obviously your choice.

The philosophy of natural farming is regenerative and so are humans. Living in harmony with nature, we not only live to maintain health but also maintain resources for the future, towards a future of sustainable development.


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