March Makes For The Best Honey


March Makes For The Best Honey

February and March each year in Vietnam is the time when coffee blossoms bloom white on the hillsides and coffee fields in Dak Lak. And March is considered the season for bees to gather honey because of the warm weather when the trees are in flowers. Coffee blossoms bloom everywhere with a passionate aroma attracting butterflies and bees to come and collect nectar. This is when our farmers can harvest the most delicious honey in the year.

Since mid-February, ByNature’s partner farms have begun preparing to harvest honey. Honey bees are naturally raised in a nomadic way in the forests of the Central Highlands, Dak Lak province. Because bees are raised naturally, bees only collect nectar when coffee blossoms are in season. The rest of the year, bees collect nectar from wild flowers in the forest.


Coffee blossoms in season are a rich source of food for honey bees, from pollen to nectar. Bees collect nectar to bring back and fill the beehives, and also help pollinate coffee blossoms.

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When seeing that the bees have produced a lot of honey, the farmer will use smoke to let the bees leave the hive, the honey is harvested entirely by hand, so sometimes there will be beeswax mixed in our honey but it’s all right, it is completely safe.

Pure coffee flower honey is taken from honeycombs that are raised naturally from the nectar of coffee blossoms in season. So it has a light yellow color, a characteristic light aroma of coffee blossoms, a sweet taste, not discolored and sugared, hence coffee blossom honey is very popular these days.



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