Eating Clean – Wearing Green


Eating Clean – Wearing Green

Eating clean, wearing green! Society constantly develops, during the past few decades we have become more aware of and increased our attention to health issues as well as environmental issues. In my view, preventing illness should be placed as one of the top priorities because prevention is better than cure. 

One welcome change we see is that consumers care about not only the daily meal, but also the origin of food. Where do our meals come from, how are they grown and harvested, and how are they delivered? It is no longer enough eating green, but we need to eat clean (then you can wear green).


Consumers are no longer easy-going!

…which is great – we love when consumers are critical, ask the right questions (all questions are welcome) and demand good quality! That is what we want! 

In previous generations, the “grandparent generation”, almost everyone knew the origin of the food. Simplicity was key, the vegetables came from their home gardens, fish from the shared pond, and neighbors would exchange produce over the fence. 

The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s saw a huge increase in demand for “exotic” products, products from the farthest corner of the world. We had an expectation of a constant flow of all kinds of produce with no regards for seasons and origins. During the 70’s pesticides were introduced in many European countries and “worked their magic” with no disregard for the soil and no clear understanding of what pesticides do to people. All of this allowed us to eat food that would normally be out of season or imported from far away. We started to loose track of the food origins. 

Food tastes best when grown locally and has little or no transport:

  • Food waste – food spoil/bruising during longer transport 
  • CO2/Climate 
  • Farm fresh produce just tastes better and keeps more nutrients 
  • Supporting your local farmers/community

Each land, each territory is favored by Mother Nature with a different climate and soil, which is the ideal condition for growing certain produce. So is every region of Vietnam’s S-shaped land. Produce from one region can be grown in another region, but the yield and taste are not surely the same. That is why each type of fruit and vegetable is often associated with a place – the place where they are produced with the most delicious taste: Luc Ngan lychee, Lo Ren star apple, Da Lat strawberries etc. 

Foreign crops grown in Vietnam are unlikely to have the same yield and taste as in their origin country. Moreover, the cultivation of foreign varieties also faces many difficulties and costs are also higher.

Thankfully in recent decades things are reverting to less demands when it comes to variety and constant accessibility. We are learning to eat with the seasons and locally. That said there is an increased demand when it comes to questioning. We are questioning what we eat, how it is grown and where it comes from. 

After the period of “eating enough, dressing warmly” and “eating well, dressing well”, our needs are gradually moving towards “eating clean and wearing green” – this we like. 


In daily conversations, ByNature answers a lot of questions from our customers; interesting questions about the origin of food and the process of bringing food from farm to table. Where are the vegetables grown? Are they really clean and chemical free? Are all ByNature products preservative-free? Are ByNature chicken eggs free-range chicken eggs? Are hens raised outdoors? Have you tested the produce? And have you tested the soil and the water?… And many many similar questions. 

These are all simple questions, but contain real and valid concerns from our customers. Knowing what we know, we totally understand and share the same concerns. However, there is no need to worry with our clean and safe to eat products. Said in simple (and maybe popular wording,) we are testing and checking so you don’t have to. 

Enjoying delicious food is a wonderful experience of life. Do not be hasty and indifferent. Think of eating as a nourishing experience for the body that gives consideration and choices so that our body is nourished with the cleanest food source – it does have its benefits!



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