A Lecka Moment


A Lecka Moment

Lecka recently introduced the latest member to their nutrition dense and tasty Lecka bars – the chocolate banana. It is so much more than a great snack. Many other aspects have been thoroughly considered and applied in the whole Lecka process. 

This bar was initially made with athletes in mind, it just so happens they have also become a great snack for many others, children before and after sport programs and for adults as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. The bar has made it into office and hotel pantries with great success. Here are the reasons why: 

  • Sustained energy: the aim is to provide a healthy amount of energy in one bar (app. 120 calories per bar) fueling the body with the right kind and amount of nutrition to keep you going. 
  • The nuts, dried fruits and nectars have a medium glycemic index of around 50-60 meaning there is no sugar rush that will result in a crash. 
  • Guilt-free and delicious snacking: It is not just a bar for athletes, everyone deserves and needs a healthy snack – this one happens to be guilt-free as well as a great taste. And it does not harm the environment. 
  • Locally sourced and locally produced: Vietnam is boosting with amazing fruits and nuts – the main ingredients in the bars. Why not take advantage of the products around us instead of creating more carbon emission pollution in the supply chain? 
  • The bars are produced in a purpose built production facility just outside of Hanoi. This allows for the control of input as well as output. Added bonus, there is an amazing view provided by nature from the production floor. 
  • Sustainable wrapping: The wrapping used for the Lecka products is a bio-based, home compostable wrapper. The wrapper consists of three layers: paper, cellulose and corn starch. It has similar characteristics like plastic in terms of moisture and oxygen barrier, BUT decomposes within 12 months without leaving any toxic residuals behind.
  • The material is certified home compostable by TUV Australia, a leading certification authority in Europe, and is 100% food safe! 
  • Waste management: product wrappers should never land in nature, even though they are biodegradable. It is the responsibility of the consumer to choose products that have a limited and non pollutive life cycle and to care for our environment. 

Enjoy your guilt-free snacking with any of the 4 flavours – or maybe all of them!


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