Using Paper Straws, A Modern Lifestyle For A Better Green Life


Using Paper Straws, A Modern Lifestyle For A Better Green Life

Environmental pollution is a very urgent problem, threatening biodiversity, climate change and many other consequences that the planet has to bear. Plastic waste contributes significantly to environmental pollution. We often hear about plastic waste as an obsession, this is a phrase used to refer to plastic products that have been used and discharged into the environment, including: plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic straws, etc, their common feature is a very long decomposition time, which can take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose.

Straws are a familiar item, appearing everywhere. On the market today, there are many types of straws such as plastic straws, stainless steel straws, paper straws, rice straws or grass straws. However, plastic straws are still dominant because of their low cost and convenience. However, using paper straws to replace plastic straws is one of the green consumption trends that are receiving great support from modern consumers. Not only in the world, but right here in Vietnam. Up to now, this is the best alternative to plastic straws.


Are plastic straws boycotted?

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, every day Vietnam generates more than 2,000 tons of plastic waste, included in this number is about 500 million plastic straws (PER DAY mind you). A truly terrible number.

Plastic straws are manufactured from very complex materials, not just from waste plastic, but sometimes also from medical plastic or imported plastic of unknown origin. These plastic pieces, when falling into the water and breaking, enter the food chain, causing many consequences for human health; There are many marine species injured, even killed by plastic straws (according to the environmental activist fund Alphanam Green Foundation).

According to the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands, there are about 267 marine species that have been entangled by or eat the microplastics in the sea.

Sea creatures such as birds, turtles, etc often mistake plastic waste for food and swallow it. Sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. Seagulls think that the red plastic piece is ink… After entering the body, plastic waste can damage the intestinal wall or cause blockage, leading to a decrease in the organism’s ability to absorb and even cause death.

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Currently, many countries around the world have banned the use of plastic straws. In the state of California (USA) there is a law (2019) that prohibits restaurants from providing plastic straws to customers, unless the customer requests it. The British government also banned the use of plastic straws, and called on countries in the commonwealth to join the ban. The Korean government also announced that it will completely eliminate single-use cups and straws from coffee shops and public places by 2027. Taiwan also bans plastic straws at fast food restaurants in 2019, towards a total ban on plastic straws and plastic bags across the entire territory by 2030.

In Vietnam, in order to achieve the Government’s goal of reducing 75% of plastic waste in the ocean by 2030, the cooperation of businesses and consumers is much needed.


The benefits of paper straws

It is clear that the use of paper straws will bring more benefits to users and the environment. Some outstanding benefits of paper straws can be mentioned as:

Short decomposition time

Plastic straws are currently the most common type of plastic waste, ranked 6th among non-biodegradable wastes, and are consumed a lot after plastic bags. On average, plastic straws take up to 200 years to completely decompose, while paper straws only take 2-6 weeks. If released into the ocean, even paper straws take only 3 days to completely biodegrade.

Affordable, easy to use and convenient

If not using plastic straws, are paper straws a good alternative? The answer is yes. Compared with rice straws and grass straws, paper straws are cheaper, easier to manufacture and can be produced in large quantities. Compared with reusable straws like stainless steel straws, paper straws have the advantage of being easy to transport because of their compactness and convenience.

Safe for users, contributing to protecting the living environment

Paper straws are safe for health, the use of paper straws also contributes to limiting plastic waste discharged into the living environment, protecting animals and marine life.


What else can we do to help reduce plastic waste?

Use biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags

Use metal water bottles instead of plastic bottles

Or at least use recyclable plastic products instead of single-use plastic products.

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