Baking Opens Doors


Baking Opens Doors

Baking opens doors: Social responsibility is one of the aspects that we devote a lot of attention to besides our business. The partners we choose to work with are the same. La Boulangerie Française is one of our dedicated partners. At ByNature, we choose a green direction for sustainable development, taking care of our customers, farmers and the environment’s health as the core factors. And at La Boulangerie Française French Bakery, they train vulnerable youth to become amazing bakers. This is a non-profit and socially responsible project. La Boulangerie Française teaches and trains young people aged 18-23, from disadvantaged backgrounds across Vietnam in bread and pastry making skills. This allows them to have the opportunity of a stable job with a salary enough for them to support their family and change their precarious life, this social enterprise opens doors to a new life.

Give wings to simple dreams 

This is Doan’s story: he is 20 years old. Before working for the bakery and pastry industry, he lived with his grandma and aunt in Dong Nai province. Doan loves his grandma a lot, he wants to have a good job so that he can take care of his grandma in the future when she is old. However, because of leaving school early and without a degree, Doan could only help cook for a small canteen with a very low hourly salary.

In a similar situation, Phuong – a 19-year-old girl with a bright smile with a simple dream: Having a stable job allowing her to live by herself; being loved and having a good life. Previously, Phuong lived with her grandpa. The wandering life with him did not give Phuong the opportunity to finish 7th grade. She had to enter life early with all kinds of odd jobs to make a living. Now that her grandpa has passed away, the emotional support is no longer there, career opportunities and a stable life are also far away dreams from her.

There are so many situations and many dreams. Dreams that are not very big yet difficult to reach without help, guidance and support.

Every year, at La Boulangerie Française French Bakery, 20 young people like Doan and Phuong will gather to study. After 12 months of studying, including almost free accommodation; followed by a 6 months internship, opportunities are wide open for them to step into famous bakeries, hotels and 4-5 star resorts as professional bakers. Their life and dreams suddenly look much more different now. All thanks to the French Bakeries project and the community’s care.


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