The Lecka Way


The Lecka Way

Where to start this blog post, there are so many areas to touch on – we might have to consider a sequence. The pronunciation of the name Lecka resembles the pronunciation of the word “leeker” in Afrikaans (which is the main inspiration for the name) meaning awesome; the word “lecker” in German (the home country of the founder) which also happens to be very close in pronunciation of the Danish (totally unrelated to the brand choice, but  bonus information) word “lækker” – both meaning delicious – highly pleasant to the taste. Enough with the language lessons on to the bars. 

The Lecka bars come in 4 variants, each 30g of pure local ingredients packed in environmentally friendly wrapping: cacao jackfruit, mango coconut, pineapple and banana. 


Lecka was founded by Markus, a young enthusiastic trailrunner and entrepreneur extraordinaire, during a long run where the need for some fuel was high. The first editions of the Lecka bars were made in the kitchen for friends and evolved into a production facility not far from Hanoi. 

The brand prides itself with the fact that all ingredients are sourced locally and free from pesticides. Very much in line with the ByNature core values, the Lecka bar is free from additives, artificial colors and preservatives, made from our all-natural ingredients while being gluten free as well. 


The Lecka way: 

  • The product is truly nutritious, high quality and delicious created to empower your active lifestyle. 
  • They care for customers and staff with compassion and empathy. 
  • Decisions are made with respect on their impact on mother earth while being mindful toward their responsibilities 
  • Challenging the statu quo and to innovate improving on all points mentioned
  • Building a healthy business while donating 2% to Lecka selected causes. 


Lecka believes that natural ingredients can help you perform better and keep you healthier for longer. Their findings show that eating plants has incredible health benefits. Legumes, fruits and vegetables contain much needed and necessary macro- and micro nutrients. 

Sustainability is more than a buzzword in the Lecka office, it is taken quite seriously. Understanding that everything creates carbon emission to a certain extent, it has been a top priority at Lecka to become carbon neutral – and they are! There is no guilt in eating a Lecka bar, it is good for you, made by top ingredients and carbon neutral. #TeamLecka is continuing to work with ways to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing more eco-friendly processes. 

Knowing all the great thinking behind the 30g snack bar, we hope you will enjoy and benefit from the nutritious snacks that we are proud to have in our Pantry section – Enjoy!



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