“Beelieve” It Or Not!


“Beelieve” It Or Not!

“Beelieve” It Or Not!

In the ecosystem of the planet, there are many lovely and hardworking insects; although small, they play an important part in the regulation of the ecosystem, and so do bees. 

We mainly know bees for their sublime honey, but in fact they play a much more important role in our ecosystem and really in our meals as well. In simple terms, bees pollinate and pollination is needed for many plants to reproduce. There are other insects that pollinate. but the bee is the main pollinator of them all; and said to be responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat.


Facts about bees

Bees are known for being excellent pollinators; they spend most of their lives collecting pollen. Pollen is a great source of protein that they feed the baby bees. In short the bee’s anatomy is built to be perfect pollen collectors and they carry pollen from a specific kind of flower back to the hive. There other bees will transfer that specific kind of pollen to the flowers they pollinate – also called cross pollination which is just what nature needs.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years left to live” said by some to have been quoted by Albert Einstein (but most likely it was not). It does however raise good questions like: “To what extent does the quality of human life depend on bee pollination?”.

Indeed, this was demonstrated at the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London, bees are concluded to be one of the most important creatures on the earth, also they are in danger of becoming extinct.

Over the past few years, the number of bees has dropped dramatically, about 90% have disappeared. The main causes are uncontrolled use of pesticides, deforestation and lack of flowers.


Why are such tiny bees called the most important creatures on earth? “Beelieve” It Or Not!

Dr. McGavin once emphasized: “The symbiosis of bees and flowering plants has created the diversity and richness of life on Earth”. 70% of the world’s agriculture depends entirely on bees, plants will not be able to reproduce if not pollinated by bees.

Researchers from Apiculture Corporation of Chile, Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor and Foundation for Agrarian Innovation also conducted a study on bees, the team found that bees were the only living species that does not carry any pathogen.

More than 150 different chemical residues were found by biologists at University of California, in pollen. To the bees this is a deadly “pesticide cocktail” that they are better without. Unfortunately, to some companies, selling pesticides to farmers around the world is very profitable. Each year more and more grassland and forests are turned into mono-cultured farms contaminated with pesticides leaving the wild bee habitats to shrink rapidly.


ByNature and our activities

At ByNature, one of our core missions is to farm without the use of pesticides and to be as harmonious with nature as we possibly can. We have chosen to go the green and sustainable way; saying no to pesticides and yes to protecting the soil, water and our lovely insects.

For us it is important to promote sustainable agriculture, protecting the ecosystem, protecting farmers, cherishing the natural resources bestowed by mother nature, so that plants and creatures develop according to their natural instincts. Each species has its own role, mutual support and understanding can keep it this way.

Many NGOs and activist groups are calling for reforms in the hope of halting the decline of bee colonies. The 3 main solutions to the issues mentioned in this post are: “Beelieve” It Or Not! “Beelieve” It Or Not!

  • Preferable not use pesticides in farming, but as a minimum to ban the most dangerous pesticides
  • Preserve the wild habitats allowing the bees to return
  • Restore ecological and sustainable agriculture


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