Creamy Taro Root Potato Leek Soup with smoked Gouda From Petit Chef

Creamy Taro Root Potato Leek Soup with smoked Gouda From Petit Chef


* 2 Taro roots

* 1 potato

* 3 leeks

* 1/2″ piece of ginger

* 1 yellow onion

* 1/2 red onion or one shallot

* 1 tablespoon butter

* 1/4 cup all purpose flour

* 2 cups half and half or milk

* 2 tablespoon olive oil

* Pinch teaspoon white pepper

* Salt to taste

* 8 oz of smoked Gouda shredded

* Fresh ground Black pepper


* Wash, peel and chop taro roots and potato in 1″ chunks.

* Wash and chop leek.

* Place all of these chopped items in a microwave safe bowl.

* Add water to this boil to boil these three ingredients in Microwave.

* Boil them for 20 min or until taro roots and potatoes are tender.

* Take them out of microwave and set aside.

* Chop onions and ginger and set aside.

* Heat Olive oil in a deep pan.

* Add chopped onions and ginger and saute until light brown.

* Add boiled Taro roots, potato and leeks with the water that these were boiled in.

* Simmer on slow heat while you prepare white sauce as follows.

* Heat butter in a pan.

* Add flour to melted butter and add half and half or milk.

* Stir and cook on low heat until it thickens slightly.

* Add this to simmering veggies.

* Add salt and white pepper.

* Cook for 2-3 min.

* With a hand blender puree all the ingredients until soup has smooth consistency.

* Add smoked Gouda cheese.

* Cook until the cheese is melted.

* Serve hot with few sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper.