Supporting The Land And Its Farmers


Supporting The Land And Its Farmers

Supporting The Land And Its Farmers

Recently we had a Zoom chat with Mr. Hai who is the founder of an organization that helps farmers convert to organic farming methods. 

The key message throughout the entire conversation is very much aligned with our own mission – “we do this to provide clean and safe produce to the people in Vietnam, and to “free” farmers and land from damaging agricultural chemicals”. Mr. Hai and his team were one of our very first partners. It has now been a few years and we know that he truly walks the talk with a lot of passion and action!


They are working from the concept of one farmer at a time. Their strength is to grow produce using all-natural farming methods and through this support the farmers in a better and healthier life. They are already recognized in the restaurant industry and among many vietnamese consumers. Their customers love them and their produce. 

They help to organize small farmholds into cooperatives and support them via on-site teams that are actively engaging with each farmer on a daily basis. Over the past 5+ years they have gone from working with 1 farmer to 40 farmers. As Mr. Hai says: “we are growing but slowly, good things take time”. 


Mr. Hai estimates that more than 90% of farming is done with conventional agricultural chemicals. This is not only bad for the crop and soil, but also for the farmers who feel the effects of chemicals on their own body. Many of them end up with cancer and other serious illnesses. It is tragic and sad.

Because of this, more and more farmers want to stop using these chemicals. However, they are unsure about the economic consequences and they don’t know how to make the switch. In our experience those that have made the switch will never go back. They are happier and find that they are able to increase their income and provide better for their families. Supporting The Land And Its Farmers

The bottom line is the health of the farmers and the environment. Fortunately this is also the best and healthiest way for us consumers to eat. That is why we are so passionate about it. It is at the core of ByNature’s ethos. 

The switch to all-natural farming takes a long time. The farm and the soil does not become “organic” just because they stop using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The rotation of crops, the mixing of plants and flowers with various purposes is part of a 3-year process. The produce is still being sold during this time but not to ByNature. We start buying when the 3-year transition is successfully completed. As always, we do extensive lab testing before we approve any product. And we continue to test regularly.  

The main focus for Mr. Hai and his team is to support farmers that want to make the change happen, and to promise them a sales channel for their “new and clean produce at good prices. Mr. Hai also helps them organize in cooperatives that brings the community closer together and makes them more resistant to the ebbs and flows of mother nature. It also helps to accelerate the conversion of more farmers and land into our model. 


We are forever grateful and thankful for having the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people. We are able to help land and people while also giving YOU the choice of the “best and healthiest produce in town”! 



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