We Choose To Go Green And Sustainable

We Choose To Go Green And Sustainable

ByNature, as the name suggests, strives to run a sustainable business, with focus on social responsibility with the goal of keeping the environment healthy. 

As a young business with a passion for all-natural, clean and safe agricultural produce, we are always concerned about how to best protect nature in a lasting and sustainable way. Looking at our supply chain we have worked hard to limit single-used plastic and are conscious of how we transport our products.

In addition to sourcing clean and safe agricultural products, we carefully choose best practices to ensure product quality. Packaging and transportation are also indispensable parts of the process of bringing clean produce fresh from farm to fork.


All our fresh produce is sourced locally and is transported in bulk on land to ByNature

We cooperate with reputable growers who share our passion for agricultural products all around Vietnam using organic farming methods. The majority of our produce comes from Dalat and Ben Tre. Fruits and vegetables at ByNature are carefully selected to ensure quality, freshness and seasonality. A main priority is to ensure that they’re free from agricultural chemicals and sustainably grown. 

ByNature products are grown and harvested all-natural, free from agricultural chemicals

No plastic from our suppliers, all products are delivered in hard plastic crates and recyclable cardboard boxes

Plastic waste is becoming an ever more serious problem as plastic bags have become indispensable items in everyday life. You may know: a small and thin plastic bag can take 500-1.000 years to decompose if it is not exposed to sunlight. Not only plastic bags, but disposable plastic waste as well, like the plastic wrap you find your grocery store produce wrapped in (multiple times).

At ByNature, we encourage our suppliers to use hard plastic crates to store and deliver all produce. Our fruits and vegetables are packaged in environmentally friendly and recyclable carton boxes, minimizing the use of disposable plastic products and plastic bags.

All our fruits and vegetables are packaged in environmentally friendly and recyclable carton boxes

We pack everything in paper bags, use paper and strings to keep our produce in good condition. 

When receiving our boxes you will find no plastic wrapping, when we pack smaller items we use small paper bags to keep the produce from being crushed against bigger products. The box is made from cardboard and we would love to keep using it so please do return. 

Instead of a printed recipe you can scan the QR code on your box to find that week’s content along with a recipe for some of the ingredients. 

Some of our produce comes from our suppliers wrapped in paper, again for protection, we re-use that paper to wrap your leafy greens allowing us to get them to you without being damaged. 

Grape Tomatoes are packaged in paper bags

We appreciate return jars to be cleaned sterilised and reused 

The use of reusable glass bottles or jars instead of plastic bottles is also particularly noticeable by ByNature. Besides packing fruits and vegetables in paper bags and cartons, dry products such as peanut butter, salt and pepper, cashew butter and honey are packaged in recycled glass jars that are both beautiful and environmentally protective. Easy to clean and reusable after rinsing, besides, glass jars are heat resistant, do not stick to odors and are much easier to clean than plastic ones.

Glass bottles and jars are easily reused by us or you can use in your home. Our salt and pepper bottles look beautiful as a vase and other jars are perfect for storing in your pantry.

Salt and Pepper ByNature are stored in recycled glass jar

We deliver in bulk on scooters 

Our fruits and vegetables are freshly harvested and delivered to ByNature the same day you will receive your order. Our friendly and punctual delivery staff will make sure the produce you receive is always fresh and on time. What should you do? Just stay at home to order, choose the products you like, choose the delivery time and wait for our shipper to come and knock on your door for delivery. We call that “Fresh from farm to your doorstep”!


Protecting the environment is something we all ought to keep a priority. At ByNature, we are constantly looking for ways to limit our footprint on earth while at the same time making sure your products stay fresh. Join us (if not already) in minimizing waste and to care for our environment!


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