The better the cocoa beans, the better the chocolate! 

The better the cocoa beans, the better the chocolate! 

Cacao nibs are known as nature’s powerhouse of nutrients with quite an addition of benefits you may not know. The taste can be described as an intense chocolate flavor with a soft crunch. One might even find them nutty and slightly bitter. They are your all-natural and unprocessed form of chocolate. 

Cocoa beans being the purest form of chocolate you can enjoy with an abundance of fibers and iron. They are chock-full of protective antioxidants and magnesium – chocolate without the added processed sugars and fats you will find in most other chocolate products. 

It has been claimed that cacao nibs can lift your mood if feeling slightly down. Cacao is packed with compounds that will increase your endorphins and serotonin level in your brains and act as a powerful mood-enhancer – not a bad added benefit to the crunch. 

Our cacao nibs ByNature are single origin, sourced locally from some of the finest cocoa trees in a family run and owned cocoa orchard. Our partner farm is run by the second generation of cocoa tree farmers in the Mekong Delta, which has a near perfect climate for cocoa bean farming. 

It essentially comes down to “the better the cocoa beans, the better the chocolate” – the flavor of the cocoa beans are determined based on the solid, the climate and the post-harvesting processes. We source our cocoa beans from the very same farm, using the same method of processing as has been used for two generations now. There might be slight variations in taste depending on the weather of the season, but it is pretty much the same recognizable delicious taste that you will enjoy with each purchase. 

Cacao nibs might not be our go-to for sweet cravings, as they are not super sweet, that said, they can be used in a variety of ways in your kitchen. A clear winner in this house is to sprinkle a bit of the cacao nibs on top of yoghurt. Being home-made our yoghurt is a little sour so adding a bit of home-made granola with the cacao nibs creates a perfect balance of sweet and sour – a great start to the day! 

You could also blend the nibs into smoothies. Or sprinkle on your coffee, hot coco – adding that extra crunchiness. (They do not melt as chocolate otherwise would), make your own trail mix or add to your baked goods. A world of options with an impressive number of benefits. 

We also add to desserts, on top of chocolate mousse, with strawberries and cream, in or on your ice cream or mix into your energy balls. Only your imagination will set the limits – Enjoy and do share your recipes with us!