Baking for change – La Boulangerie Française 


Baking for change – La Boulangerie Française 

Baking for change – La Boulangerie Française

We were fortunate enough to have been introduced to La Boulangerie Francaise by two customers (independently) suggesting that we collaborate. As always we are open to like-minded connections especially when we and our customers can support a local enterprise that not only is set-up to support disadvantaged youth, but creates good and wholesome bread using only the best ingredients. 


La Boulangerie Française is a social enterprise dedicated to training vulnerable youth to become highly skilled bakers. Anyone can apply and be selected for this program, which is targeted at youth from low income families and without other schooling options. During their 18-months apprenticeship, the students are supported with housing, food and life-skill training including English language skills. Finally, upon completed training, all students are supported in finding jobs to continue using their newly applied skills. 

Approximately 60% of the trainees are young women and 40% being young men. With their training they are often offered sustainable job opportunities. The aim is to empower these young people to improve their lives, the lives of their families and the conditions in general in their communities. 

All proceeds from this social enterprise are directed back into the program with the aim of the program becoming self-sustainable.


One of our customers described the bakery by saying: “Their level of quality is excellent and recognized by most picky French restaurants and gastronomes”. As we all know, the French know their bread and we all benefit from this. 

We went on a field trip to visit La Boulangerie Francaise and were very impressed with what we saw; not least the smell and flavors that met us in the bakery. We met a group of young bakers in training and felt their passion and enthusiasm under the guidance of a French pastry chef when creating their beautiful bread. 

We invite you to see these two short videos, which will leave you impressed with the young bakers and the program.  The Training and Making Bread


In collaboration with the team at La Boulangerie Française, we have come up with two bread baskets to be sold in the ByNature webshop. The baskets are created based on which products are being baked at what time and of course with the good guidance from the young bakers, based on customers favorites. With that, we bring you The Tuesday Bread Box along with The Saturday Bread Box. We hope very much that you will join us in supporting the bakery via ByNature or directly via their page

The Tuesday Bread Box:

  • 2 x typical French croissant made from pure French butter (70g)
  • 2 x pain au chocolat using 2 dark chocolate sticks made from cocoa grown sustainably in Ben Tre province (70g)
  • 6 x handmade burger bun, with sesame topping (80g)
  • 1 x cake (gâteaux de voyage) come in three flavours: lime, marble chocolate, banana chocolate. 

The Saturday Bread Box:

  • 10 x Levain bread – the traditional French bread in individual size (50g), for the basket on your table, ready to accompany your plat-en-sauce. It features a crispy shell but keeps the crumb moist. Best served toasted in your oven, once defrosted. 
  • 4 x half French half-baguette (160g) for your rustic sandwiches features a crispy shell but keeps the crumb moist. Best served toasted in your oven, once defrosted. 
  • 2 x soft sandwich bread (320g), already pre-sliced for your convenience. 
  • 6 x triple chocolate cookies (dark, milk and white) made from cocoa grown sustainably in Ben Tre province (80g).

All from La Boulangerie Française. 



Tel: 0395 898 500