Walls of Dreams

Walls of Dreams

As with most, if not all, of our products the new chocolate ByNature comes with a story, this time in the wrapping. A lot of our inspiration and creative thinking is based on ideas from friends and customers, we love the input! This time, we are hugely thankful for a friend and customer who suggested we take contact to Mark Your Wall to collaborate on our chocolate wrap design. We simply love the outcome! 

Needless to say, we also love our chocolate, that it is all-natural and has amazing flavors, but in this post, I want to keep it about the story in the wrapping. 

We have all seen the walls with numbers driving around the county, they are each unique and are given an extended life when captured before they are torn down or painted over. They are preserved in their beauty by Mark Your Wall. 

We wanted to connect our chocolate, made in Vietnam, to its home country and found no better way than to team up with Mark Your Wall to create a one of a kind design with a story. In collaboration we customized one of their designs into the wrap design we use in our new selection of chocolate. One of the unique features is the geodata of the location where the cocoa beans are grown. There are a few other “hidden” messages that we hope you will discover whilst enjoying your bite of goodness. 

By making a mark you/their customers are supporting their work to #Ignite, #Connect and #Support the Expressive Art Movement in Vietnam” through collaborating with local and international initiates infield of mental wellbeing and Expressive Arts, and Expressive Arts Therapy.

Enjoy the double goodness of these bars, the outside is an eye catcher with a good soul and the inside will satisfy your sweet tooth.