HYGGE – The Secret Recipe For Happiness

HYGGE – The Secret Recipe For Happiness

Denmark‘s Secret

Many have been searching for Denmark’s secret recipe for happiness. And we couldn’t find a common answer to this either. However, something else has caught our attention that can make the grey and dark winter days a little bit better: hygge.


What is Hygge?

The word hygge has its origin in the Norwegian language and is further mentioned in the official Cambridge dictionary. It is often translated into “cosiness” although hygge goes way beyond the cosy aspect. Actually, there is a whole philosophy of life behind this concept which is an integral part of Danish tradition, and for some people, this is the Danes‘ recipe for happiness. (2) (3) (4)


Winter – The Hygge High Season

Even though the Danes are living their hygge moments while having a picnic in the park with friends, enjoying open air concerts or taking bike tours together during summer, the winter season is said to be the actual hygge time of the year. For instance, on a cold and rainy winter day, friends and family are invited to a hyggeaften (hygge evening), where they cook and eat together, play boardgames or simply talk about nice things with a glass of wine in the candle light. Also spending time in one of the many cosy cafés with pillows, blankets and dimmed light is a way of living hygge. (3) (5)


Hygge for Take Away

Next to warm light, candles, fluffy blankets and pillows, food is another essential part of the hygge lifestyle – especially with good company. If you prefer a hot drink in front of the fireplace all by yourself though, a tasty RAWBITE bar should always accompany you – not only the idea behind our bars has its origin in the country of hygge, but also the production and development take place here. Only a few weeks ago, we could launch our latest product, the Office Box with approx. 45 small RAWBITE bars, helping you to bring the Danish feeling right into the office. No need to wait for a hyggelig coffee break with your favourite colleagues.

Read more: https://www.rawbite.com/eu/stories/new-format-same-great-taste-the-rawbite-office-box

Enjoy every Bite.



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