The Pregnancy Superfood Box

The Pregnancy Superfood Box

Launching the Pregnancy Superfood Box ByNature. Maximize from the benefits provided by nature during your pregnancy.

What to eat when pregnant is a huge and personal question. It is also a loaded question that comes with many different answers. We, at ByNature, are not professionals when it comes to dietary meals when pregnant, but we can give our two-cents for food, we consider to be great additions to a well balanced diet and we will do you one better, we will tell you why.

In general “superfood” is considered to be food with health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density. In this post; introducing the new Pregnancy Superfood Box, we have collected some of our all-natural and safe to eat produce optimizing your wellbeing and balance during your pregnancy.

One very important consideration when choosing your produce are the benefits the produce adds to your and your baby’s health. It is our strong belief that you should choose all-natural, clean and safe to eat produce. We strongly advise you to stay away from any produce that has been treated with any kinds of chemicals or other agricultural nasties.

In maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy, one important part is vegetables rich in certain vitamins supporting baby’s development along with the well-being of the mother.
In your Box you will find

Sweet potatoes (Khoai Lang) – full of beta carotene (becoming vitamin A). Only about 100-150g of sweet potatoes fulfills your recommended daily intake of vitamin A which is crucial in baby’s development supporting the growth of the organs (heart, liver, lungs and kidneys).

Broccoli (Súp Lơ Xanh) – one of the must-eats when pregnant, the potassium will support fluid balance and a normal blood pressure while having the raw materials to support your body making vitamin A.

Kale (Cải Xoăn Ka Le) – one of the best prenatal foods you will find. Kale is in particular boosting with vitamin K which helps keep your blood vessels strong, in particular needed during pregnancy due to the added blood flow in the uterine area.

Spinach ( Bó Xôi) – is bursting with folate essential for a healthy baby development as it helps prevent serious defects of the spine and brain.

Swiss chard ( Cải Cầu Vồng) – loaded with beta carotene which is important for baby’s cell and tissue development as well as vision and immune system. In addition you will top-up on iron.

Avocado (Bơ) – a great choice for pregnant women. Not only a tasty option, but a good source of healthy fats which will help your body better absorb many of the vitamins found in other fruits and vegetables.
Beetroot (Củ Dền) – excellent at maintaining a stable blood pressure during your pregnancy. The betacyanin found in beets aids in eliminating fatty acids and toxins supporting a healthy pregnancy.

Tomatoes (Cà Chua) – one of the powerful antioxidants found in tomatoes is lycopene. It is believed to be supportive in preventing cell damage, preeclampsia and congenital deformities in baby.

Bananas (Chuối) – provide a great energy boost and are easy on the stomach if you feel nausea.

Oranges (Cam Sành) – a great way to keep hydrated during pregnancy (as 90% water) and the vitamin C is great in assisting with iron absorption.

Mango (Xoài) – maintaining a healthy level of vitamin A during the pregnancy is important as a deficiency in baby may lower immunity. It is also a great treat when satisfying sweet cravings.
As a reference for each of these products we made an overview with some of the vitamins, minerals and other goodies you find in your vegetables.

Many people will give you their well-meaning advice on what to eat during your pregnancy, at the end of the day it is your decision and what makes you feel good. In this post we mean to give you suggestions and ideas along with our box of all-natural pesticide free produce filled with many of the essentials supporting your health during an exciting time. As with any food eaten during pregnancy moderation is key; and it is never a bad idea to consult with your health care professional.