September 2020

INGREDIENTS  For the wrappers 8 savoy cabbage leaves, see note 18 savoy cabbage leaves, see note 1 1 long carrot, optional1 long carrot, optional For the filling 4 dried shiitake mushrooms, rehydrated in

INGREDIENTS 1/2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts or 4 chicken breasts For the Marinade 2 garlic cloves finely minced 3 tablespoons olive oil ¼ cup cilantro chopped Juice of 1 lime 1/2 tsp. cumin ½ tsp paprika ½ tsp salt or to taste ¼ tsp black pepper Avocado Salsa 2 avocados diced 2 small (or 1 large tomato) chopped ¼ cup red onion chopped 1 jalapeno de-seeded and

Ingredients 1-1/2 cups uncooked brown rice 2 cups water or vegetable broth 3 tablespoons grapeseed or olive oil 1 red bell pepper chopped 200g green beans 1 large crown broccoli chopped into florets 2 cups shredded carrot 1 (2-inch) nub fresh