The Amazing Benefits Of Herbs

The Amazing Benefits Of Herbs

What is a herb?

According to The Concise Oxford Dictionary, “a herb is any plant where the leaves, seeds or flowers are used for medicine, flavour or scent.”

Using herbs in your cooking is the perfect balance of adding flavor to your food, while being incredibly healthy. 

Herbs have remarkable health benefits and have been used in various parts of the world since the beginning of herbs. The true power of herbs are their antioxidants and essential vitamins.

Herbs, in general, are high in flavonoids and are said to have mild anti-inflammatory properties. Some herbs are known to be good for the immune system and may stimulate cells which attack invading organisms – in other words they will fight for you to stay healthy. 

Although herb ByNature are farm fresh they are extremely perishable. To avoid food waste buy smaller quantities. To keep them fresh longer, rinse your herbs, dry them either with gentle padding in a towel or spin dry in your salad spinner, then wrap them in a damp cloth and place in a container in your fridge. If you have more than you need you can chop your herbs and freeze them and simply add frozen to any dish you are cooking.  


A few suggestions on how to use your herbs: 

  • Marinate your protein in virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs
  • Add to any sauce
  • Pizza topping 
  • Pestos, we like to mix herbs and make a pesto based on almonds as pine nuts are difficult to find and when found prizy in this part of the world 
  • Add fresh on your sandwich or in your salad 
  • Use in our home-made salad dressing 
  • Mix into mashed potatoes, or sprinkle on top of roasted potatoes or other roasted vegetables 
  • Be adventurous and add to your Saturday sundowner cocktail. A house favorite is a gin and tonic with a touch of thyme 
  • Make a tea, simply pour boiling/hot water over your herb leaves
  • Mix into your burger patties (equally great in veggie burger patties)
  • Use for stuffing of your tofu or chicken
  • Only your imagination sets the limits 


Tip: when using herbs in your cooking, add your fresh herbs in the last few minutes allowing you to balance the taste. 

Herb away next time you are cooking! 



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