A Pinch of Salt

A Pinch of Salt

Salt is our main source of sodium and chloride ions and is essential for all human beings.

It has been debated for decades if we should eat less salt. One thing is certain though, the human body can’t  live without sodium. Sodium plays a crucial role for the nerve and muscle functions as well as in regulating the fluid in our bodies. Not much sodium is required – “The Yanomamo people of the Amazon rainforest get by on just 200 mg of sodium a day (about the amount found in one-tenth of a teaspoon of salt). By comparison, the average American gets 3,400 mg (about 1½ teaspoons of salt), while in northern Japan the daily intake is a whopping 26,000 mg (more than 11 teaspoons of salt).” (Harvard Medical School).

Chloride ion is an important electrolyte keeping our body in balance, particularly in hot weather where eating more salt can be recommended; especially during prolonged exercise. 

The best way to regulate your salt in-take is to stay away from processed food and to use a good all-natural salt in your daily diet. 

There are two main sources of salt, it comes either from sea water or from rock deposits. Salt ByNature is produced from sea water in the middle of Vietnam. The salt is extracted by solar evaporation. The elements of nature are doing all the work as the wind and sun leaves the salt crystals in open ponds. The brine is drained before harvesting the salt. At the end of the process we are left with 100% natural salt crystals that are full of beneficial minerals and electrolytes – not to mention its wonderful flavors.


ByNature’s all natural sea salt is made by the local community. Our partnership supports their livelihood and raises awareness of environmentally friendly and sustainable processes.