Have you met Ms. Hong?


Have you met Ms. Hong?

Our partner farmers – Ms. Hong’s garden farm in Ben Tre Province

Ms. Hong is one of many ByNature partner farmers. Supported by a privately run organization Ms. Hong and neighbouring farmers receive training and support learning how to grow fruits and vegetables using organic farming methods. As you can imagine this is not a process happening overnight, in fact, the land has to be farmed using these methods for 3 years without any use of pesticides or herbicides before they can be sold to suppliers like ByNature.

By ensuring that the surrounding land is also farmed without the use of chemicals, run-off is avoided. Along with extensive testing, we can keep to our guarantee of all-natural and amazing tasting produce.


Ms. Hong’s garden farm takes up approximately 500m2 of land in Ben Tre Province. She has up to 20 kinds of fruits and vegetables going allowing her to harvest up to 500 kg of all-natural produce a month.

She is using a variety of methods for growing fruits and vegetables  intercropping, multi-cultivation and crop rotation.

Intercropping supports the diversity and stability of the fields while suppressing and reducing susceptibility to insects and disease. Where as multi-cultivation – growing more than one crop on the same field – increases the effect of water and soil usage increasing the output of produce. Crop rotations are used to suppress disease and support beneficial insect communities.

The basic approach is to farm “plant positive” rather than “pest negative”.  Combined with planting multiple colourful flowers, pests are attracted to the flower plants and not the fruit and vegetables considerably lowering the risk of harmful insect in the produce.  

Her meticulous nourishment, care and love for her garden farm is what gives her produce the characteristic taste of true vegetables. partner farmers


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Tel: 0395 898 500

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