What is in The Box

The Box ByNature comes with 7-10 different farm fresh items. Every box has its own story to tell and no Box ByNature is the same. We select what is fresh and available.

We aspire to delight you with diversity and fill the Box ByNature with a combination of kitchen staples and new interesting produce to explore. The Box ByNature weighs around 5 kg – mostly vegetables with a bit of fruit. Half boxes are also available.

ByNature strives to support local farm families that are fully committed and used to growing the all-natural way. This often means lower yields and higher risks of something going wrong. The farms often rotate their crops to keep the soil fertile. This gives us wonderful and colorful produce to chose from, but also means that we don’t always have the same produce available.

Our online shop is open around the clock and happy to serve those who want to compliment the Box ByNature with our customer favorites and kitchen staples. In addition, we are planning to bring you new and exciting box themes. Stay tuned.