Partnership with DAT BUTTER

Partnership with DAT BUTTER

Dear Friends. Happy News

ByNature is honored and very proud to partner with DAT BUTTER.

ĐẠT BUTTER is a social enterprise in Vietnam aiming to help farmers improve their income by educating them to grow and produce natural nut butter. ĐẠT BUTTER strives to create the most delicious nut butter in every jar. They use only top quality natural local ingredients that give the nut butter its signature smooth, creamy and healthy taste.

Peanuts and cashew nuts are native to Vietnam. The partnerships with poor farmers across the country provide a stable and good income for the farmers and their families. All nuts are grown without any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and more. The processing and manufacturing of nut butters is done gently and with no destruction of oils and other nutrients. No vegetables oils or artificial ingredients are added. It is a 100% natural product which is guaranteed clean and safe to consume

All our nut butters are full of delicious flavors and have wonderful texture. Go for the 100% natural butters or try one of the varieties. My personal favorite is natural peanut butter spiced with organic turmeric, sweetened with a bit raw honey and finished with a pinch of pure sea salt. Once opened you might just eat the whole jar from the spoon ?

We wholeheartedly support the social enterprise and have decided to make our nut butters very affordable. A real benefit to your health as well as your wallet!

If you want to try our nut butters, then simply send an email or find us on Facebook


You can read more about DAT BUTTER on their website